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Valentine's Day Couples Ramen Class - Lobster Ramen


Join me with other couples who enjoyed my special Valentien's day class over the past few years! 
In this 100% hands on, relaxed-paced 3.5 hour class, one of a couple will make Lobster Ramen and the other will make their choice of Miso, Shoyu, or Tonkotsu Ramen from scratch (noodles, soup, and cook it).  Not only that, you will also enjoy the Chocolate souffle after Ramen! 
1. You will knead the dough for noodles first. 
2. While it rests, I will serve you 3 different ramen (shoyu, miso, tonkotsu) to taste so you can decide what type of soup and noodles you want to make for your own Ramen.  Also, I will talk about history of Ramen, types, difference in region, traits, current Japanese trend. 
3. You will roll out the dough and cut it to make your custom noodles. 
4. You will make your own Kaeshi (soup base). 
5. Last, you will cook your own Ramen using my milky white Tonkotsu (pork) stock or clear Chicken Chintan stock. You can put what you like from chashu (pork belly) made with my AGED sauce, ground spicy pork, Aji-Tama (soy egg), bean sprouts, scallions, Beni Shoga (ginger), Takana (pickles) , wood-ear mushrooms, corn, and butter. 
I will provide complete recipe.
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