Valentine's Day Couples Sushi Class  Decrative Sushi


Join me with other couples who enjoyed my special Valentien's day class over the past few years! 

For Valentine's Day, you can attend a fun class of learning how to make Sushi and have them when you are done!
In this class, we will be making variety of rolls (you and your partner will make different things so you can enjoy double the variety) with high-end ingredients.  
We will also serve you a Chocolate Souffle.  

You can bring any drinks you like to create a special night with your love!


You will learn sushi from A - Z:

-The history and types of sushi,
-How to make perfect sushi rice (washing, cooking, seasoning)
-Proper cutting of veggies and fish
-Making perfect rolls
-How to slice rolls
-Plating and presentation


You and your partner will be making :

1) Hosomaki (1 small roll each)
You will learn the basic and how to make small rolls.  
Kappa - Cucumber roll
NegiToro - Tuna and scallions

2) Uramaki (2 inside-out rolls each)
You will learn how to make the American version of sushi, inside-out rolls.
Snow Crab California Rolls x 2
Rock 'n Roll
Walu (butter fish) & Mango

3) Futomaki (1 Fat roll each)
You will learn how to make big rolls.
Spicy Tuna & Tempura Shrimp (heart-shaped sushi)
Softshell Crab & Tobiko

4) Decorative Rolls (1 roll each)
You will learn how to make decorative rolls.
Rainbow Roll
Caterpillar Roll

5) Temari Sushi (4 each)
You will learn how to make Temari Sushi, which is one bite size cute balls.
Hokkaido Scallops
Hamachi Toro
Salmon Toro





We survived by working with Off The Grid and the City of

San Francisco, producing meals for food insecure elderly and homeless citizens.


Now, we want to kick off 2021 by doing something we do best:  making delicious ramen bento kits!  We took time off to focus on our work for these COVID19 relief programs, but will be offering ramen kits for sale on  February 5th & 6th.

LOBSTER RAMEN:  Continuing a tradition started at Nombe back in 2015, we are offering our scrumptious Lobster Ramen for Valentine's Day.  We will require orders to be placed by February 10th, and will offer pickup times on February 12th, 13th and 14th.  Check here for more details as the date approaches.  We will make a formal announcement with all the details on January 31st.







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