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Sushi Mater Challenge

This is a very exciting Holiday event which we combined Sushi class and Iron chef type of challenge!!

 You can:
  • learn how to make Sushi
  • learn how to speak Japanese
  • get a "Sushi Master" title
  • get a Sushi making kit if you win the challenge
  • enjoy sushi AND take some home
  • all you can drink Beer Wine & Sake (optional)


Pick your date and time - we will go to your location!!
Sushi Challenge            $130

First, we will teach you how to make sushi rolls and how to slice them to everyone. We will also teach some Japanese words around sushi.   

Don't worry, you are able to sample some shshi along, and you can drink while you learn how to make sushi!

Then we will divide everyone into smaller teams to create a platter of sushi from what you learned.

After 30 min, you will present your platter.  

We will pick a winning team by

  1. presentation

  2. taste

  3. how much Japanese you remember

Everyone on the winning team receives a sushi making kit! 

You can enjoy the sushi & drinks and mingle the rest of time!


Call to schedule your Sushi Master Challenge at 415.341.5468 or email


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