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3/5        11:00 - 2:00    Sold Out!  ​


3/5        3:00 - 6:00      Sold Out!


3/12      11:00 - 2:00   Sold Out!    ​


3/12      3:00 - 6:00     Sold Out!


I will be in Japan for a month, so no classes are held during that time.


4/23      11:00 - 2:00   Sold Out!


4/23      3:00 - 6:00


5/7        11:00 - 2:00


5/7        3:00 - 6:00


5/14        11:00 - 2:00

(Mother's Day Special)


5/14        3:00 - 6:00

(Mother's Day Special)


5/28        11:00 - 2:00


5/28        3:00 - 6:00


6/11        11:00 - 2:00


6/11        3:00 - 6:00


6/25        11:00 - 2:00


6/25        3:00 - 6:00


Ramen class is $105


My class is 100% Hands On!!

1/31   4:00-6:00 Sushi 


1/31   4:00-6:00 Sushi Cl


Ramen Class


You want to make professional ramen from scratch at home?  Then this class is just right for you!  


In this a 3-hour hands on class you will learn

  • how to make stock (Pork & Chicken)

  • how to make Kaeshi (soup base)

  • how to make chashu (Pork Belly)

  • how to make noodles

  • how to make Spicy Pork (tantan men meat)

  • how to cook Ramen properly


  1. First, you will knead the dough to make your own ramen noodles in the professional kitchen.

  2. While it rests, we will serve you samples of 4 differnt types of ramen: Tonkotsu Ramen (Kyushu, Nagahama), Miso Ramen (Sapporo), Shoyu Ramen (Tokyo), and Tantan-men (Chinese)

  3. While  you enjoy the samples, I will talk about history, regional differences, trend in Japan etc.

  4. Next, you will learn how to make pork & chicken stocks and chashu

  5. Now you will roll out and cut your own noodles

  6. Next you will make your own Kaeshi

  7. Finally, you will be cooking your own Ramen with the noodles and soup you just made

  8. Your own Ramen taste great after the hard work you put in.  Enjoy them with your class mates!


To register or any questions for the classes, please call Mari at 415.341.5468 or email at least 3 days before the class date.


Private Class: If you have a group of greater than 10 people, you can hold a private class at wherever you want where there is a kitchen.  We will go to your location!  Or come to our kitchen.  Call Mari at 415,341,5468 or email to book a private class.


We also have gift certificate, which is good for 3 months.  Just purchase it on the phone, email, or online and recive e-certificate.  Great for gift, birthday, or any special occasion!  


We survived by working with Off The Grid and the City of

San Francisco, producing meals for food insecure elderly and homeless citizens.


Now, we want to kick off 2021 by doing something we do best:  making delicious ramen bento kits!  We took time off to focus on our work for these COVID19 relief programs, but will be offering ramen kits for sale on  February 5th & 6th.

LOBSTER RAMEN:  Continuing a tradition started at Nombe back in 2015, we are offering our scrumptious Lobster Ramen for Valentine's Day.  We will require orders to be placed by February 10th, and will offer pickup times on February 12th, 13th and 14th.  Check here for more details as the date approaches.  We will make a formal announcement with all the details on January 31st.







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